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AG-DK8-BX10 ESE Lightning Rod

AG-DK8-BX10 Early Streamer Emission(ESE) Lightning Rod is designed according to IEC Standard High Voltage Testing Technology First Part: General Definition and Testing Requirement and GB 50057-2010 Design Specification of Building Lightning Protection. This lightning rod contains two parts: Air Termination(0.6 meter) and Support Accessory(1.2 meter), which can be combined into a integral through bolts. The Advance Time is 60μs. Under the same installation height, the radius of protection is larger then the ordinary lightning rod. With the advantages of light-weight and low load, it adopted stainless steel material, and can be install under hostile environment.

ESE Lightning Rod suits for direct Lightning Protection of mobile communication base station, satellite station, warehouse, meteorological observatory, petrol station, airport station, military radar station, etc.

AG-DK8-BX10 ESE Lightning Rod
Item No. : AG-DK8-BX10
Discharge Current Capacity : 200kA (10/350μs)
Amplitude Attenuation Rate : ≥70%
Brupt Slope Damping Ratio : ≥48%
Advance Time : 60μs
Limiting Current Resistance Value : ≤3Ω
Grounding Resistance : ≤10Ω
Wind Resistance : ≤36m/s
Height : 1.8m(0.6m + 1.2m)
Weight : 7.5KG
Down Conductor : one or several round steel or the same sectional area steel flat.
  1. Accurate thunderbolt point.
  2. Maintenance-free, do not need connect additional power.
  3. Activate itself only when the thunderbolt forming, completely early discharge initially.
  1. Please notify us the technical parameters of your lightning rod mast when ordering, so that the factory can select the right interconnection splice for you to install components successfully.
  2. The thickness of lightning rod’s sleeve shall not less than 4mm, which can be used as a down-conductor. There shall be two points symmetric connecting the earth electrode.
  3. When the structure’s lightning protection system has more than 1 down-conductor, breaking of contact with insulation protection for each down-conductor is recommended. And the breaking of contact shall be set at 1.5~ 1.8m high from ground of the conductor.
  4. The joint between lightning rod and down-conductor shall be welded.
  5. The construction order for the earth-termination system of lightning rod shall be from top to bottom. The common grounding system shall be installed first, and then come to the down-conductor, and the lightning rod is the last step.
AG-DK8-BX10 ESE Lightning Rod installation

When thunderstorm comes, thundercloud and charge accumulates. It will generate great field strength (sometimes will reach KV/M and generate enormous energy) between thundercloud and the ground. AG-DK8-BX10 ESE lightning rod can generate guide enter close in advance to improve the virtual height of lightning rod making the lightning strike the lightning rod exactly in the range of lightning protection, which avoids the phenomenon of “side striking” and ” shielding failure”.

AG-DK8-BX10 ESE lightning rod has three active discharge points. When the electric field reaches to 20KV/m, the active discharge points and main receiving lightning form strong voltage difference, then ionize near air quickly, form corona phenomenon, produce large number of charged particles, move up quickly under the action of lightning field. The insulation distance between the thunderclouds and the lightning rod will become shorter, so compared with other objects in lightning protection zone; the lightning rod will release upward leading charge in advance. The leading charge combines with downward leading the charge making dozens of (kA) lightning current to hundreds of (kA) lightning current becomes few (KA) when reaching the ground, avoiding the quadratic effect of traditional lightning rod after receiving the lightning strike and weakening the counterattack and induced overvoltage when the large current flows into the ground. Lightning rod becomes the best trigger point of thunder and lightning.

Regular inspection (Every half year or once a year) the following issues are required:

  • Weather the screw bolts and welds of joints are well fixed?
  • Weather the earthing conductor is connected effectively with the earth-termination system?
  • Weather the screw bolts and welds are badly rusty, please change the screw bolts and re-weld the joints?